Young Marines Uniform

Young Marines Uniform: The official uniform for youth in the Young Marines
Program is the Woodland pattern camouflage shirt, trousers, white T-shirt and
cover. This uniform is required for all Young Marines events over the unit level. The
uniform will be worn as follows:

Shirt with Young Marine breast pocket patch worn centered above the left breast
pocket, 1/8-inch above the pocket. The Young Marines shoulder patch is worn on
the left sleeve with the unit designation arc centered above the patch, on the
shoulder seam.

Trousers with straight or pouch pockets. Name tapes will be sewn over the right
rear pocket of the trousers centered and flush over the top seam.
Khaki web belt with brass Marine Corps style buckle.
Boots may be jungle type.

WHITE T-shirts will be worn with the uniform at all times.
Ribbons are worn so that the lowest row of ribbons is 1/8-inch above the left breast
pocket patch and centered. Ribbons are worn in the order of precedence
established in the Awards Manual. They are preferably worn in rows of three.
However, they may be worn in rows of four.
An olive drab name tape is worn centered over the right pocket, flush to the pocket
seam and flush to the edges of the pocket.

Covers are to be maintained in a starched condition. Shirt and trousers are not
Rank chevrons are worn on the blouse collar. They are placed vertically with the
single point up and center of the insignia on a line bisecting the angle of the point
of the collar. The lower outside edges of the chevron are placed 1/2 inch from the
edge of the collar.
Young Marines wear rank chevrons on their cover. The rank chevron will be
centered top to bottom, left to right on the front of the cover.

Each unit should have a unit T-shirt with their name and the Young Marine
designation imprinted on the shirt. Colors may vary. These T-shirts should be part
of each Young Marines PT gear. They may also be worn for activities and functions
where the camouflage uniform is inappropriate, for example, car washes, certain
community service projects, etc.
It is a Young Marine's responsibility to keep his uniform clean and neatly pressed at
all times. Boots are polished with a high shine on the toes and heels. Ribbons that
become soiled or faded should be replaced. All Young Marines are expected to
keep themselves clean and well-groomed whether in uniform or not.
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