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uDrug Demand Reduction
uAlcohol Abuse – By. Victoria Nieto
uCourse Description
uComplete the Power Point  
uTake notes 
uAt the end of the powerpoint there will be a set of questions. Answer the questions in complete sentences in a separate sheet of paper and submit your responses to Mr.Caldara by email 
uWhen sending the email make it clear to what your submit for example in the subject box for sending the email write DDR completion 
uWhat is alcohol ?
uAlcohol is a substance consumed as a drink 
uAlso alcohol is known as Booze, Sauce, Brews, Hard Stuff , Brewskis, Hooch ,and Juice 
uIn the United States it is legal for adults over the age of 21 
uWhat is binge drinking ?
uBinge drinking is considered when a person consumes 5 or more drinks over a two hour period
uSomeone addicted to drinking may want to stop but won’t be able to on their own 
uBinge drinking can develop alcoholism 
uHow does alcohol affect your brain ?
uThe brain is your body’s control center ,when the brain becomes impaired by alcohol, its function becomes slowed down 
uDifficulty walking, blurred vision , slurred speech, slowed reaction times , and  impaired memory
uAlcohol is a central nervous depressant  
uSigns of intoxication can be clearly observed by poor limb coordination and slurred speech 
uHeavy drinking over a long period of time can shrink brain volume 
uHeavy drinkers can speed up memory loss at an early age
uHow does alcohol affect your body ?
uAlcohol can damage every organ in your body 
uAlcohol can be absorbed through your bloodstream and can increase risk for life threatening diseases such as cancer 
uYears of heavy drinking can cause stomach pain because of alcohol and acid build up in the stomach 
uHard drinking can lead to diarrhea which can lead into a long term problem  
uIt also increases the chance of getting heart burn  
uCan cause liver disease 
uResults of drinking alcohol 
uCan cause injuries such as car crashes, falls, drowning, and burns 
uResuls in violence, homicide, suicide, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence 
uCan cause miscarriags, fetal alcohol, spectrum disorders among  pregnant women  
uYou can die from abusing too much alcohol by alcohol poisoning

As Young Marines we are to show and live a drug free lifestyle. Alcohol is a common household item which can be abused. If you are a minor, you should not be consuming alcohol. Alcohol is  legal to drink, in the United States, by the age of 21. Some Young Marines are in middle school or high school where drugs are more commonly available. You may have friends that start getting into doing drugs, but it's best to stay out of it yourself and help your friends to stop the consumption of drugs. Alcohol Is a drug which you can become easily addicted. As with every other drug once, you don’t always feel that nice ‘’booze’’ affect, you will go on to the next drug and so forth. Your body is a temple so you should take care of it. If anyone offers you a drink, nicely decline it. If someone is peer pressuring, you should walk away and tell an adult. Even if other people are doing it to be ‘’cool’’, the end result isn’t worth it.


1. What is binge drinking ?

2. What are some short term effects of drinking ? 

3. What are some long term effects of consuming alcohol ?

4. What effects can alcohol have on your brain and body ? 

5. What age is it legal to drink alcohol in the United states ?

6. List 3 names of what alcohol is known as. 

7. Write 3 or more complete statements about the video that you have learned.



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